"my hair smells like chocolate" - the 1975

so chocolate is weed huh.

"We’ve got 1 thing in common, it’s this tongue of mine." -1975


& this is how it starts Take your shoes off in the back of my van Yeah my shirt looks so good, When it’s just hanging off your back & she said, “Use your hands & my spare time— We’ve got one thing in common, it’s this tongue of mine.” She said She’s got a boyfriend anyway there’s only minutes before I drop you off All we seem to do is talk about sex She’s got a boyfriend anyway She’s got a boyfriend anyway I loved your friend when I saw his film He’s got a funny face But I like that ‘cause he still looks cool She’s got a boyfriend anyway She’s got a boyfriend anyway Now we’re on the bed in my room And I’m about to fill his shoes But you say no You say no Does he take care of you Or could I easily fill his shoes? But you say no You say no & now we’re just outside of town & you’re making your way down She’s got a boyfriend anyway She’s got a boyfriend anyway & I’m not trying to stop you love If we’re gonna do anything we might as well just fuck She’s got a boyfriend anyway She’s got a boyfriend anyway You’ve got your tongue pierced anyway You’re in your high tops any day You’re in your skinny jeans anyway You & your fit friends anyway I’d take them all out any day They’ve all got backcombs anyway You’ve all got boyfriends anyway


If you have been keeping up with the high-fashion game then you know, Jeremy Scott is now the creative director for Moschino. Which is exactly what Moschino needed…some VERSATILITY, WEIRDNESS & a total 180 degree change! Every single thing, Moschino & Jeremy Scott put out on the runway this year has been one of my favorites of all time… I am addicted to ALL THINGS KAWAII(cute)! A lot of people on the internet, insanely hate what’s happening in the high-fashion runway right now thinking it’s TACKY but I absolutely love it. It’s a new generation, & WE ARE TAKING OVER! Who cares about the haters when you’re making money & they ain’t! "Embrace change… either you keep up with it or you will be left behind." Anyways, I  have a weird collection of cows (i have about over 1000 cow plushes/toys), I love Sponge bob & I am addicted to food especially Mcdonald’s french fries… unfortunately I eat it every week. I hate that about myself, ugh! Well… this year I feel like Moschino is personally calling out for me..(Ha. I wish!) this year their designs are inspired by cows, food, spongebob & McDonalds. Although there’s a very familiar design that I swear our HBIC, Miss Lawn did first… as usual. (LEATHER JACKET STYLE HANDBAG/BACKPACK) Pshh… Not the first  time, designers pull up with their own version of our very own Hellz design.

Check out their PRE FALL 2014 + all MY kawaii faves from the latest fashion show in Milan:


[caption id=”attachment_37913” align=”alignnone” width=”660”]STILL currently waiting for my iphone case to ARRIVE MOSCHINO! STILL currently waiting for my iphone case to ARRIVE MOSCHINO![/caption]

Jeremy-Scott-Moschino-Fall-2014-1-1Pre-fall-14-Moschino-part2-dalabooh-1024x640 moschino-pre-fall-2014-jeremy-scott moschino-pre-fall-2014-23_154118418243

moschino-pre-fall-2014-22 Moschino - Runway - Milan Fashion Week Womenswear Autumn/Winter 2014

Ready to see our very own HELLZxBOTB design?!



Doesn’t our Circa 2012 MOTO LEATHER BACKPACK look a bit similar to the Moschino Leather Backpack? Hmm..What do you guys think? #WEDIDITFIRST

you work out terry ?
sorry… im not sorry


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